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Denim jackets

All three jackets are painted and embroidered on toile de jouy. The yellow collar is velvet and I think I'll do that again as I really love the effect. 

£130 each

DSC_0318 (3).JPG


grey yell jumper detail.JPG
grey yell jumper.JPG

Embroidered waitcoat

This started life as a black daisy print cotton cardigan from a charity shop. The top layer is a piece of machine embroidered fabric  and the peplum is a beautiful piece of crepe I bought in Berwick St years ago and couldn't bare to use. £80

Woollen Grey Jumper

This grey jumper is old enough to be made of good wool, but it was rather dull. I added tweed, soft grey knitted fabric from another jumper and yellow velvet piping.



Black &Grey Jumper

A few worn jumpers from my wardrobe and charity put together. The pictures don't do credit as this jumper is lovely and soft and one of those items that looks good on but not much off!

£75                                                                                                    SOLD


Soft Cardigan Jumper

A Marks and Sparks cashmere cardigan, but very dull. I turned in back to front changed the neckline and made a few additions.    £50


Navy Goose Dress

This is a mans cotton jumper cut and altered. The skirt is a lovely piece of  fine cotton fabric I bought in the stitch and knit show just because I love it. 


emb jacket front.jpg

Brocade Jacket

A brocade jacket made from ebay curtains. It's lined throughout and is waist length.


emb jacket front 1.jpg
emb jacket back.jpg
yellow side.jpg
yellow front 1.jpg
yellow front.jpg
yell front detail.jpg

Yellow Jacket


Waistlength jacket made of curtains. The faded yellow stripe is the fabric design not sun damage. Three button detail on the sleeve and self covered buttons on front.


cream blue back 2.jpg
cream blue back.jpg
creamblue front 1.jpg
cream blue arm.jpg
creamblue side.jpg
creamblue sleeve.jpg

Heading 1

redone cream jacket (2).jpg

Silk Blouse /Jacket

Dupion silk jacket with cotton trim and sleeves that can be worn full length or 3/4. Inverted pleat down the back and open style V neck All the fabric was taken from curtains.


detail green.jpg
green jacket back.jpg
green jacket front.jpg

Green Embroidered BoxJacket

Again curtains haven't

gone to waste...white

embroidery on green

linen and lined

with satin.


fringe back.jpg
fringe front.jpg
fringe detail22.jpg

Corset style Top

This top was  found in a charity shop and originally oasis, but very small. I have widened it and added the  buttons, fringe and peplum.


If you are interested in any of the articles, use the contact form or give me a call.

Hope you like them.......Anna




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